On Windows, how does one reset the software managing the mouse/cursor?

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Windows seems to have bugs that cause the mouse to go out of sync between the rendered position and the clicked positions. The bugs manifest as:

  • Offset between rendered position and clicked position, usually in one axis only, but can be either X or Y
  • Mouse cursor displaying as one (or multiple side by side) text cursors, rather than a standard cursor.

I seem to be able to reliably trigger this in the following scenario:

  • GPU —-HDMI—-> AV Receiver —-HDMI—-> TV.
  • Turn TV off => AV receiver powers off => no more displays are powered/connected to Windows 10 => (presumably) some sort of OS triggers run
  • Turn TV on => AV receiver powers on => HDMI display output available => Windows mouse position is messed up

Since this is my standard setup for my entertainment room, and the only way to resolve the issue is to reset the OS, I have to power cycle the computer every time I turn off the TV.

I can sometimes trigger a different manifestation of the same bug by:

  • Opening and using Steam,

in which case it seems to just immediately happen and stick. In these cases, some programs will function fine, like Chrome, but the offset bug is present in Steam or taskbar clicks.

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With Google, I can find plenty of related questions on Windows help forums, and the bug seems to exist as far back as Vista (maybe it’s challenging enough of a low-level problem it will always exist in some form):


I use a Logitech ball mouse with a universal wireless USB receiver, but the issue is persistent no matter what I do or what mouse I use. Since it effects the render layer, I don’t really think it’s hardware-specific.


Looking for ideas. Functionally, I just need to "reset" the whole mouse stack. I don’t really see a way to reliably fix something that "randomly happens when using Steam and reliably happens when I turn a TV off/on". That seems deeper than I can touch.

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