When using make, getting the message "The system cannot find the path specified.", but path is correct, why is this?

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I am trying to set up the csdp package on Windows 10. I have followed the instructions and now want to use the make command to compile the package.
The makefile code looks the following:

export CFLAGS=-m64 -march=native -mtune=native -Ofast, -fopenmp -ansi -Wall -DBIT64 -DUSEOPENMP -DSETNUMTHREADS -DUSEGETTIME -I../include

export LIBS=-static -L../lib -lsdp -llapack -lblas -lm

    cd lib; make libsdp.a
    cd solver; make csdp
    cd theta; make all
    cd example; make all

    cd test; make all

    cp -f solver/csdp /usr/local/bin
    cp -f theta/theta /usr/local/bin
    cp -f theta/graphtoprob /usr/local/bin
    cp -f theta/complement /usr/local/bin
    cp -f theta/rand_graph /usr/local/bin

    cd lib; make clean
    cd solver; make clean
    cd theta; make clean
    cd test; make clean
    cd example; make clean

When making this file i get the error message:

cd lib; make libsdp.a
The system cannot find the path specified.
make: *** [Makefile:27: all] Error 1
PS C:UsersleonsPycharmProjectsCsdp>

where it is good to point out that lib is a folder right inside C:UsersleonsPycharmProjectsCsdp>. I found that one problem could be my System Path variable, so I checked it and deleted a few ones that would give me the same error message when using cd in the Command Window. The error persists though. One more thing I have found is that the "Path" variable for the User NT-Authority/System includes a path that gives me the same error but I did not yet figure out how to change this path.

How can I get it to compile?

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