atmel studio made garbage code. How to eliminate it?

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Atmel studio add some code for assembler. My interrupt vectors is ignored. Who knows why this is happening?


#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
#define k 2 //1-6 max 936ms on k=6
#define ts 13
uint8_t cstr[14]={' ','H','0','2','6','P','0','5','2','W','1','0','4',0};
uint16_t BTN_DELAY_TIME =1000;  
#define ival(i) (uint16_t) ((i)*k*ts)
#define ps100(i) (uint8_t)((((((i)*ts)>>2)*k)>>3)/3)
#define ps10(i) (uint8_t) ((ival((i))-ps100((i))*100)/10)
#define ps1(i) (uint8_t) (ival((i))-ps100((i))*100-ps10((i))*10)
static const uint8_t pstr[12][3] PROGMEM=
const uint8_t * pstr_address=&pstr[0][0];
uint8_t E_KEY_ADDR=0x3F...

Look at this file -> asm_part.S

.extern cstr 
.extern pstr_address
#define I2CADDR 0x4E
//This code must be the initial one!!!
.org 0x00
rjmp RESET_vect
rjmp RESET_vect
rjmp PCINT0_vect
rjmp TIM0_OVF_vect
.global main

But we has this code in head:

00000000  RJMP PC+0x001C        Relative jump 
00000001  RJMP PC+0x0034        Relative jump 
00000002  RJMP PC+0x0033        Relative jump 
00000003  RJMP PC+0x0032        Relative jump 
00000004  RJMP PC+0x0031        Relative jump 
00000005  RJMP PC+0x0030        Relative jump 
00000006  RJMP PC+0x002F        Relative jump 
00000007  RJMP PC+0x002E        Relative jump 
00000008  RJMP PC+0x002D        Relative jump 
00000009  RJMP PC+0x002C        Relative jump
00000035  RJMP PC-0x0035        Relative jump 
--- C:...Release/.././asm_part.S 
//This is my code start...
rjmp RESET_vect

Project for attiny13A c++ executable. Optimization -O0.

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