How to do strict validation of string in gsoap C++

  c++, gsoap, pattern-matching, regex, wsdl

I am looking for strict validation of string data in the gsoap. The process I tried so far,

  1. I have a WSDL with data structures defined. The data structure has a complex type.
  2. I have generated the required files to using wsdl2h and soapcpp2 tools.
  3. As part of the complex type I have a simple type which is mapped to the string. This sting has a regex pattern to match
  4. Now I am not able to do regex pattern matching for this string.
  5. I tried to implement the fsvalidate in my code and that seem to work. But all the regex pattern matching has to be done by my implementaiton.

My question is:
Can anybody provide me the example implementation of fsvalidate function pointer to do the regex pattern matching in gsoap code.

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