Submitting custom log entries to Azure application insights

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my main goal is to get the log file content created by my application written in C++ (using the boost logging) straight into Azure’s Application Insights (Transaction diagnostics). I fail to find a clear cut solution. There seems to be no C++ library available for submitting log entries to Application Insights. There seems to be no library for a log sink for boost logging that writes the logs to Azure. The REST API description for Application Insights does not feature anything that reads like submitting custom data to application insights. Microsoft’s REST API does not have any macros or functions for submitting something specific to Insights as well.
It is a bit sad, since using the application insights module for node.js is delivering everything you could want to application insights.

Any help is appreciated for getting a log line written directly to Application Insights, so I could tag the information with source server, component etc..


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