Wanted: Recursive filesystem monitoring library for go [closed]

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I develop Go application that monitors filesystem for changes. Appears that there are no cross-platform filesystem changes monitoring libraries available for Go if one needs to monitor the directory tree recursively. I defelop using macOS, but I need support for Windows and Linux OSes. Both platforms support this feature on a system layer, but I could not fine apropriate library.

I have checked for separate solitions and found for Linux the following:


Upon go get command this package gives following error:

../../tywkeene/go-fsevents/fsevents.go:41:12: undefined: unix.InotifyEvent

Appears that this is feature and not bug: https://github.com/tywkeene/go-fsevents/issues/8
So I can not install it on my macOS for future using cross-compilation to have resulting code for my target platforms Linux & Windows
I am stuck!
P. S.
Scaning file system again and again while looking for changes is not an option as in my case size of file storage will be huge

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