why does command window opens then close then open another window

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I know this question looks like dozen of others: but, I am trying to get insight into why this script acts the way it does and if there is any draw back to it like memory leak or other.

The script its simple:
cd "C:mepython.venv" && start C:mepython.venvenvScriptsactivate

There is a windows that opens briefly then closes then another command window opens with the virtual environment open as I need. This question is not about the virtual environment in any way. I am trying to understand the command window.

Is the window opening then closing the behavior of the command prompt when changing directories?

It seems buggy that a command window opens to change directories then closes and then another opens the virtual environment in another window. I can live with this I guess until I run across a seemless way to do this; but, isn’t there a better way to do this?

Is there any after affects from doing it this way, like background process open or memory leak or what have you?

Anyone know where to read the "readme" on this behavior?

Thank you much!

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