Standard way of determining placement of window frame controls

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The More General Question

I am wondering if there is a standard way that operating systems / desktop managers use to expose the user’s preference regarding the placement of the window frame controls (Close, Maximize/Miniaturize, Minimize).

For platforms like Windows and MacOS, it’s "pretty" safe to assume that the users wants their window controls on the right and left respectively to match the rest of the windows in the GUI. But the key word here is "assume‘. I hate to assume things when I code.

Furthermore, what about all the different Linux distributions and flavors?

I think this information could be useful to application developers in the same way that it’s useful to know the user’s preferences regarding dark or light themes.

My More Specific Question

Now, what I’m building currently is an Electron application that could really benefit from a custom title bar (a.k.a. a frameless window). And I do understand that my problem is caused by the fact that I want to bypass the window frame abstraction that is normally offered by the operating systems, but I’d really like to be able to position my custom controls in my title bar without having to guess.

But anyway, since I use Electron, I do have access to native features using NodeJS, but I’d also be curious to know if browsers have or are planning to implement a way for the CSS or JavaScript running in the browser to determine the intended placement of the window controls, again, similarly to prefers-color-scheme?

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