Arduino IDE ESP32 device using SPIFFS to save

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I writing ESP32 program and using SPIFFS to save some data because I do not want to loose it after I power down the device.

I have 2 functions:

char* readFile(fs::FS &fs, const char *path)
    Serial.printf("Reading file: %sn", path);

    File file =;
    if (!file || file.isDirectory())
        Serial.println("Failed to open file for reading");
        return "FAIL";

    Serial.print("Read from file: ");
    while (file.available())
        //append all characters and return it as a list of char arrays at the end of reading

void writeFile(fs::FS &fs, const char *path, const char *message)
    Serial.printf("Writing file: %sn", path);

    File file =, FILE_WRITE);
    if (!file)
        Serial.println("Failed to open file for writing");
    if (file.print(message))
        Serial.println("File written");
        Serial.println("Write failed");


First of all, I run my program and call writeFile() and then followed by readFile():

    int n = 0;
    n = scan_wifi_networks();

    Serial.print("list_strings outside scan function = ");
    for (int i = 0 ; i<=n ; i++){
    //compare list_strings with preset wifi networks. If match, everything is fine, if not, problem!

    writeFile(SPIFFS, "/wifi.txt", "Telia-33F8A3-Greitas");
    char* known_networks = readFile(SPIFFS, "/wifi.txt");

    //send USD to the server, go back to sleep

And that part works fine. From the serial monitor, I can see that it have sucesfully written my text to wifi.txt.

After I run write/read functions

Next, I comment out write function and only leave read function.I run the code again and it is not able to read back my text:

Only readFile

Can someone help me understand why is that happening? I thought that if I write to spiffs once, I will be able to access it afterwards but that is not the case. I have previously used EEPROM and that seemed to work. I can write to EEPROM address and simply access the same address later and the value will still be there after the power off. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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