Unzip file (Only the first layer of the folder)

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I am trying to unzip a zip file, the folder also includes some subfolders, but I only want to unzip the first layer.

There is a Test.zip file, and in the Test folder, there are three folders in it.

I just want Test.zip -> Test (a folder), but not extracting out all the files in it.

I used the code:

SET PATH=%PATH%;"C:Program Files-Zip"
7z e *.zip -o%UnzipDest%

The first issue is that, when I ran the file, it will extract out all the files in the zip file and also the files in the subfolder of the zip file.

The second issue is that, I tried to set the output dest by -o, and I always get an error said

Command Line Error:
Too short switch:

Is there any idea or suggestion for me?

Thanks a lot!!!

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