How to fix "there was and error in creating a child process for this terminal failed to execute ‘/tmp/<filename>’ (permision denied)"?

  atom-editor, c++, gcc, gnome-terminal

I was trying to run a c++ program from atom text editor.I have set gnome terminal for the gpp compiler . While I try to compile the program it shows the error " There was an error creating the child process for this terminal failed to execute the child process "/tmp/filename> (permission denied)". While the same program runs in codeblocks using the same gnome terminal. And further I have previously run c++ programs from atom using gnome terminal and it worked fine at that time. How can I fix this issue? This error seems to pop from nothing , at first when I installed gpp compiler and set gnome terminal for output, it worked without any issue. Now after showing this error in gnome terminal, I changed the terminal to X-Term and it worked fine, gpp compiler of atom compiled it without any issue.Eventhough Gnome terminal works fine when used with codeblocks. I am using Ubuntu 18.04.

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