Linked List creating a new pointer to add value but not working

  add, c++, linked-list, loops, pointers
void List::add_item(double new_value)
    if (list == nullptr)
        list = new ValueList;
        list->value = new_value;
        list->next = nullptr;
        ValueList* track = list;
        while (track != nullptr)
            track = track->next;
        track = new ValueList;
        track->value = new_value;
        track->next = nullptr;
    size += 1;

With the following code above I’m trying to add a new value into the linked list by looping through the linked list until it reaches the end of the list and then create a dynamic variable to store that value in the linked list.

However I don’t understand why it is not doing so when I output the linked list. It is only showing the last item in the list. Does this mean that track is actually pointing to list and when I loop through such as track = track->next, then list also changes? Which doesn’t make sense to me at all.

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