Couldn’t find VkNonDispatchableHandle

  c++, c++14, validation-layers, vulkan

I’m using Vulkan to create a simple program. After I resize the window, the validation layer gives me this output. The resize itself works fine. What does it say? The complete error is following:

UNASSIGNED-Threading-Info(ERROR / SPEC): msgNum: 1567320034 – Validation Error: [ UNASSIGNED-Threading-Info ] Object 0: handle = 0xee3a9100000000b4, type = VK_OBJECT_TYPE_UNKNOWN; | MessageID = 0x5d6b67e2 | Couldn’t find VkNonDispatchableHandle Object 0xee3a9100000000b4. This should not happen and may indicate a bug in the application.
Objects: 1
[0] 0xee3a9100000000b4, type: 0, name: NULL

What causes the problem?

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