Windows boot device problem, How can I have 2 bootable devices on a single pc?

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Let me give you the context.

I’ve installed a brand new m2 ssd on a new build I made with an ASUS TUF X570 Plus Wifi and a Ryzen 5900x. On this m2 device I installed a new license of windows so I could have a clean start.

In case I forgot something I still installed in my build the old ssd with the old windows I was using (just in case I needed something from there, my idea was that if I needed something I could just change my boot device and go into my other windows)

While configuring my build, I enabled the D.O.C.P profile on my motherboard to take full advantage of my RAM (Its 3200Mhz 32GB of RAM that are currently running at 2133Mhz). For some reason I don’t really know the profile failed and my pc had ram issues and wouldn’t even load my BIOS. In order to solve this I cleared de CMOS with the 2 pin method. After doing that I was able to reset my bios settings and access again my BIOS.

Then I noticed only my second ssd was listed in my boot device priority list and it loaded the windows on my m2 ssd. I googled a bit and saw that with enabling the CMS in the BIOS settings my other m2 ssd appeared again in the boot priority list. The problem is that if I dont have the secondary ssd as first boot option it wont boot and for some reason boots the windows installed in my m2 ssd.

Any ideas on how could I solve this and have both bootable devices? Thank you.

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