Windows 10 install on ASUS VivoBook S15 S533EA-BN117 no SSD or cursor

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I just bought a ASUS VivoBook S15 S533EA-BN117, and everything was perfect, but I am not able to install Windows 10 on it. I have an original Home edition I bought form a retail store in my country online. They sent the code, I downloaded the installer.

When I boot up the BIOS, I have a cursor, I am able to select the USB drive I installed windows to. It boots, but when the installation starts I suddenly lose the cursor. After some steps when I have to select the hard drive, Windows does not see the SSD in the computer.

I read, that I need to switch to Legacy mode in the BIOS, but there is no such thing in the BIOS. The only option I have in the boot settings is "Secure boot". I tried Disabled and Enabled as well for this option, no luck.

I also read I need GPT formatted disk, so I created an ISO from the official installer, downloaded Rufus and burned the USB drive with the ISO using Rufus. It automatically selected GPT, so I think thats is good, but again, no luck. No cursor and no SSD during install.

I read that a BIOS upgrade might help, I havent tried that yet. Is there any other trick I can try?

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