Admin unable to manage Windows Defender after a sysprep, on Windows 10 20H2

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I want to share with you a solution to a windows 10 problem that took me a lot of time

I initially found that to templatize a Windows machine with sysprep it was necessary to disable Windows Defender real-time protection (

After following the instructions, however, I discovered that the Admin1 user (that I had configured before the sysprep), does not have the possibility to reactivate Windows Defender or configure any security settings. Any new admin instead has the possibility.

To fix, before running sysprep, I used an admin user to remove Admin1 from the Administrators group and put it in the Users group.

Then, after sysprep and restart, through a new admin I put Admin1 back in the Administrators group; at this point it was able to re-activate Windows Defender correctly

I Hope this information can help someone not waste too much time

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