installing open datacube, cannot initiate postgressql

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I’m following the docs on installing and initiating datacube:

I’ve gotten to the step where it says

After installing, launch PostgreSQLPortable.exe (and place a shortcut in the windows Startup menu).

To prepare the database for first use, enter the following commands in the PostgrSQL Portable window, substituting “u12345” with your windows login user-ID:

create role u12345 superuser login;
create database datacube;

This part is a little hazy, because the portable postgresql I downloaded doesn’t have "PostgreSQLPortable.exe", so I assumed it meant "Make Cluster.bat"? (Could very well be wrong on this point)

I see some folders created in ~pgsql with the commands I typed in "Make Cluster.bat" however when I check users with psql du All I get is

(cubeenv) C:Usersuser1>psql du

psql: error: FATAL: no existe el rol «user1»

How do I create a user name?

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