Tensorflow not recognized even though it is installed

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I am trying to run spot-rna on my windows pc. The computer is absolutely brand new and was opened today.
I have installed python 3.6 and anaconda3. I also installed tensorflow in a virtual environment.
Basically, I followed the installation steps (for gpu) given here: https://github.com/jaswindersingh2/SPOT-RNA

This is what the path for my user looks like:

enter image description here

This is what my system variables path looks like:

enter image description here

However, when I try to run the test command, it does not recognize tensorflow

enter image description here

I also updated tensorflow to 2.4.1 with pip install –ignore-installed –upgrade tensorflow. When I run the test command again in the command prompt, I still get the same problem where it says no module named ‘tensorflow’. What am I missing? Any help is appreciated!

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