ASYNC and GLUT not rendering

  asynchronous, c++, glut, multithreading, mysql

I’m trying to use glut and MySQL (on C++) for a multiplayer video game, I already optimized the SELECT and managed to update players without losing performance but the part that keeps slowing down the game It’s:

"UPDATE Players_ingame SET Pos_X = " + std::to_string(px) + ",Pos_Y = " + std::to_string(py) + ",Pos_Z = " +  std::to_string(pz) + ",Rot_P = " + std::to_string(angle) + "    WHERE Username = '" + tmp_username + "';"

I already tried using this on ASYNC function with std::async and inside a thread using std::thread but still running slow and everytime the query slows down glut stops rendering (so I know it’s not using the async at all)

how could I run this separately from the rendering to fix the game?

(it’s running inside an object inside a glut timer)

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