Retrieving a varbinary(max) field from a SQL Database as a VBS String?

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I am working on a VBS project in which I need to retrieve a "varbinary(max)" from a database as a string.

I use an ADODB.Recordset that I parse using a While loop (while it’s not EOF)

Consider the following code :

Set ArticlesEBP = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
ArticlesEBP.Open "SELECT * FROM MyTable", EBP_ConnServeur

While Not ArticlesEBP.EOF
    WScript.Echo ArticlesEBP("bImage")

In my database, there is only one row with a valid varbinary(max) field, this is how it looks :


Here is a link containing the full varbinary data :

I know it is valid, because I used it for my tests (converted it to base64 then to a jpg…), it’s just now that I try to actually retrieve the data from the database that I’m getting issues.

When I run the VBS code above, I get weird results : the console just prints out "??".

If I replace the "WScript.Echo" with a "MsgBox" I can see two chinese characters, so I don’t get it.

Can anyone indicate me how I should do this ?

Thanks !

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