Unable to connect to MySQL using visual studio after creating a DSN name


On a separate computer, I am able to create a user DSN that connects to a local MySQL instance, and this user DSN shows up as an option in Visual studio whenever I create a connection from the ADO.net ODBC data provider, however, I am unable to replicate this on another computer and cannot figure out why.

Just to clarify I am referring specifically to this path:

Visual Studio>Connection Manager>New ADO.Net Connection>New>ODBC Provider>"Use user or or system data source name" drop down option shows no DSN name that was created in the windows "ODBC Data Sources (64 bit)" application.

I have the following installed on the computer where the created DSN is not showing up:

Visual studio 2019 community

Connector/NET 8.0.24

Connector/ODBC 8.0.24

MySQL server 8.0.24

Windows 10 Pro

Not sure if I have sufficiently described the issue so here is further information to clarify the issue (made apparent on from comment on another post)

  1. I have a MySQL local instance with all the login details etc and it is on and working.

  2. I’ve created a user DSN e.g. ‘mysql’ within the windows "ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)" application that connects to the aforementioned MySQL local instance, and successfully.

  3. Following this path – Visual Studio 2019 > Connection Manager> New ADO.Net Connection > New > ODBC Provider > use user or system data source name

The above path does not show the ‘mysql’ user DSN that I have created and I, therefore, cannot create SSIS packages that write data to MySQL etc, which I have been able to successfully do on another machine.

Any help would be appreciated.

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