How do I get the exact length of an array without using subscripted values within a template function in C++?

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I’m trying to find the length of any given array and the methods I’ve tried so far won’t work. This is my sizeOf function (not to be confused with sizeof):

template <typename T>
size_t sizeOf(T val) {
    size_t sz = (size_t)0;

    if (typeid(val).name()[0] == 'c') {
        sz = (int)sizeof(val);
    } else if (typeid(val).name()[1] == 'c' || typeid(val).name()[2] == 'c'){
        sz = strlen((const char*)val);
    } else if (typeid(val).name()[0] == 'i') {
        sz = sizeof(val) / 4;
    } else {
        sz = 0; //new code here.
    return sz;

So far, it works for strings, integers, and characters. The problem is finding the length of any array that isn’t of type char. I tried using a for loop and subscripted values (e.g. arr[i]), but this exception occurs when the argument isn’t an array: subscripted value is neither an array nor pointer. To this I try a try {...} catch () {...} statement and it still gives this error, so I can’t use indices. I also tried another method with pointers: *(&arr + 1) - arr which works without errors, but the values are inconsistent or completely imprecise. Is there a way to acquire the true length of an array without the aforementioned methods and still have a flexible function?

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