Unable to disable Mosaic using NVAPI

  c++, nvapi, nvidia, visual-c++

I’m working on some code to enable and disable Mosaic via NVAPI on a Quadro P4000.

I’ve set Mosaic to be active via the Nvidia utilities on the machine and it works. However, when I try to disable the Mosaic settings via code I receive the NVAPI_NO_IMPLEMENTATION status error.

This is the code I’m using:

void disableMosaic()
    NvAPI_Status error;
    NvAPI_ShortString estring;


    error = NvAPI_EnableCurrentMosaicTopology(0);

    if (error != NVAPI_OK)
        printf("Error disabling Mosaicn");
        NvAPI_GetErrorMessage(error, estring);
        printf("NvAPI_EnableCurrentMosaicTopology: %sn", estring);
        printf("- Disable Mosaic call executed successfullynn");

According to the documentation from Nvidia, this means that the drivers don’t support this feature, though I find this a bit vague, the drivers are well established and it’s not a new card. Does anyone know if this might be something else or am I wasting my time with this approach?

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