How to host VMs from msft server?

Ok, so for starters I have 2022 datacenter installed with hyper v and all the other good stuff.
Setup a vhxd, installed windows 10 to it. Yay now I can access it… from the server itself…

Defeats the purpose of the server right? As my intention is not to run the VM while using the server, rather, a specific Pc/client on my LAN.

The host is my server, the client is a NON Windows Pc (where is the fun in running a VM windows on an existing windows machine???). I am trying to use a Chromebook to (in the future) boot from LAN and run the VM from the host/server.

So let’s start simple, how do I execute a VM on my LAN from my server? Sure I could use Windows and Remote Desktop to the server itself but… that won’t directly connect to the VM, rather the servers desktop.
I imagine I need a virtual switch (which is already active due to hyper-v “role”) to forward a connection/port to say win10.vhxd – right? The host needs to figure, oh Pc wants win10.vhxd and ~.12 wants say win8.vhxd

The host is, static, so where do I go from here?

I have googled for hours and to no avail. Seems most people want to access their server remotely or run a VM of windows server itself. See my issue? I can Remote Desktop to the server just fine, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to Remote Desktop to the virtual machine and let the server do the work.

Running VMs on a host is easy, especially with VMware or other applications. Yay I can run Windows, and linux as a VM on the same machine.

But what I want to do, is SERVE the VM to a local client…

Also, yes all product keys are valid, currently a networking student so I’m utilizing Microsoft’s free student “discount”, as in, free OS(s) to play with.

Sorry if a lot I have typed is redundant. Just frustrated as google “autocompletes” my queries based on what is most popular. Hence “host vm to client Pc” yields results similar to “install Microsoft server in VM”

I have tried a lot of variations as mentioned, but keep getting “popular” results that completely disregard my initial query.


How do I utilize windows 2022 server to host virtual machines, to clients on my own LAN?

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