boost::gregorian::date constructor with Warning C4244

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This code snippet works well on my test project. But it compiles with warnings on my working project

auto current_date = boost::gregorian::day_clock::local_day();
const auto nMinYear = current_date.year(); const auto nMonth = current_date.month(); const auto nDay =;
const auto nMinYear1 = nMinYear + 1;
boost::gregorian::date holidayDate1(nMinYear1, nMonth, nDay);

at the line of holidayDate1 construction.

Warning C4244 ‘argument’: conversion from ‘unsigned int’ to ‘unsigned
short’, possible loss of data

My test project is on boost-1.72 and working project on 1.75, both are on Visual Studio 2019.

And I tried using grep_year to wrap nMinYear1 — holidayDate1(grep_year(nMinYear1 )) — it doesn’t compile.


I just tried a forced casting can work around it,

boost::gregorian::date holidayDate1((unsigned short)nMinYear, (unsigned short)nMonth, (unsigned short)nDay);

But I don’t understand why the warning happens.

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