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How to optimise the code as it becomes slow with a large dataset. I have an exchange simulation program that takes in market prices from a csv and then allows the user to place bids and offers for the products (currencies) that are up for trade, in OrderBook.cpp, I am looping in function getKnownProduct() for orders (vector) to get unique products and I loop agin for orders in function getOrder() to get 3 products(currencies) type, products and timestamp.

OrderBook.cpp processes bids and offers

#include <map>
#include <algorithm>
#include <iostream>
#include "OrderBook.h"
#include "CSVReader.h"

/** construct, reading a csv data file */
/* R1A: Retrieve the live order book from the Merklerex exchange simulation */
OrderBook::OrderBook(std::string filename)
    orders = CSVReader::readCSV(filename);

// loop in orders to get unique products(currencies), 
/** return vector of all known products in the dataset*/

std::vector<std::string> OrderBook::getKnownProducts()
    std::vector<std::string> products;

    std::map<std::string,bool> prodMap;

    for (OrderBookEntry& e : orders)
        prodMap[e.product] = true;
    // now flatten the map to a vector of strings
    for (auto const& e : prodMap)

    return products;
/** return vector of Orders according to the sent filters*/

std::vector<OrderBookEntry> OrderBook::getOrders(OrderBookType type, 
                                                 std::string product, 
                                                 std::string timestamp)
    std::vector<OrderBookEntry> orders_sub;
    for (OrderBookEntry& e : orders)
        if (e.orderType == type && 
            e.product == product && 
            e.timestamp == timestamp )
    return orders_sub;

Some data from the csv. 1st part is the date, 2nd part is the product, 3rd part is the OrderBookType (asks or bids), 4th part is the price and 5th part is the amount. When placing bids or asks, users do not need to enter the date but need to key in a value for everything else.

2020/03/17 17:01:24.884492,ETH/BTC,bid,0.02187308,7.44564869
2020/03/17 17:01:24.884492,ETH/BTC,bid,0.02187307,3.467434
2020/03/17 17:01:24.884492,ETH/BTC,bid,0.02187305,6.85567013

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