Windows eating up 21 Gb of ram

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I bought a new PC that has 40gb of ram, and just installed a clean windows on it, with only chrome and few tabs open my ram usage is 21 GB ! the numbers in task manager don’t add up to even 30% of this usage, chrome is only using 1gb of ram and the other processes are using less. I searched and followed many tutorials to track the problem that seems to be in the paged pool, I used poolmon.exe and I found the most 2 using paged pool memory are MmSt and Ntff which are related to windows file management and ntfs filesystem, most tutorials and answers suggest that high usage is because of a faulty driver or something similar and updating or removing it fixes the issue. what should I do ? remove windows ?

My memory usage

and here is the output of poolmon

poolmon's output

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