ldd does not show the dependency which make then needs

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I have the program which needs v2xmvtest.so. When i try to build it via make i get undefined reference to *
Seems like that function from libssl1.0. (If i install it, it’s built fine)

But i do not see the place where these function are used. More than that, when i try ldd v2xmvtest.so it does show only libvssl1.1 dependency.


  1. Is there a way to find out where those finctions from libvssl1.0 are used in the program ? (i have source code of the v2xmvtest.so and try to search, but there no any of these)
  2. I need a description why ldd does not show me libssl1.0 dependency, but during linkning it’s needed

Thank you!

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