Static Binary Instrumentation tools or libraries for .so and .o files in Linux

  .so, c++, code-injection, instrumentation, linux

I came across various Bytecode static instrumentation tools and frameworks for C#,JAVA (such as C#-Cecil,MBEL,RAIL. JAVA-Javassist,BCEL,reJ,Serp,JMangler).
But did not find enough resources for C++.

I want to insert print statements which will print the methods’s name itself to the console.

Are there tools or frameworks which will allow us to inject code to an C++ .so or .o files, or do a static binary instrumenation?

I came across tools like Dyninst,EEL,ERESI,PEBIL(for linux) but there are not enough resources which will show the correct implementation of static binary instrumentation.

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