Accessing FT2232H MPSSE using libusb on Windows

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I am new to After having found plenty of information here during in the past I now need help to solve a very special problem concerning libusb on Windows to access a FT2232H device.

The FT2232H contains 2 interfaces and 2 independent MPSSEs (Multi-Protocol Synchronous Serial Engines). I need to configure each MPSSE independently. On Linux, this is not a problem. I have got the source code of an application where this is done. libusb_open() is called twice with different contexts and returns a handle for each interface of the FT2232H.

Unfortunately, on Windows, this is not possible. The second call to libusb_open() for the same device always fails. I have found that this is normal behaviour on Windows. The difference between the FTD2XX driver and libusb is that the FTD2XX driver reports two devices (one for each interface which I can open seperately), whereas libusb reports one device (with two interfaces, 0 and 1).

My question is: how can I configure each MPSSE of the FT2232H independently using libusb on Windows?

Thank you very much for your help.

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