How to copy selected files from one folder to another in Batch file?

  batch-file, windows, xcopy

In folder C:A i have afile.h afile.cpp bfile.h bfile.cpp and some other .h and .cpp files (windows 10)

I want to copy only afile.h afile.cpp bfile.h bfile.cpp to C:B folder and replace them if files in folder A are newer than folder B

I tried below but did not work, bat run but nothing happens

my copybatch.bat file

call "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio17CommunityVCAuxiliaryBuildvcvarsall.bat" x86_amd64 
fastddsgen.bat -replace -example CMake aac.idl 
xcopy /y /d C:Aafile.h C:B
xcopy /y /d C:Aafile.cpp C:B
xcopy /y /d C:Abfile.h C:B
xcopy /y /d C:Abfile.cpp C:B

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