(Libtorch)How to use packed_accessor64 to access tensor elements in CUDA?

The tutorial gives an example about using packed_accessor64 to access tensor elements efficiently as follows. However, I still do not know how to use packed_accessor64. Can anyone give me a more specific example? Thanks.

__global__ void packed_accessor_kernel(
    PackedTensorAccessor64<float, 2> foo,
    float* trace) {
  int i=threadIdx.x
  gpuAtomicAdd(trace, foo[i][i])
torch::Tensor foo = torch::rand({12, 12});
// assert foo is 2-dimensional and holds floats.
auto foo_a = foo.packed_accessor64<float,2>();
float trace = 0;
packed_accessor_kernel<<<1, 12>>>(foo_a, &trace);

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