Why is a new process is created in windows

In my computer, I noticed that there is a new event in my event viewer log. the event Id is 4688 in other words, a new process is created which is browser_broker.exe. From my research on this exe file, it is a file which is a software component of Microsoft Edge by Microsoft. Edge is a browser developed by Microsoft. Browser_broker.exe is one of the main executable files of the Windows 10 Edge browser. I have shown the log below. the program seem to be calling upon the argument -IOAVHost and the file with ends with .tar.gz

Creator Process ID: 0x1f78
Creator Process Name:   C:WindowsSystem32browser_broker.exe
Process Command Line:   C:Windowssystem32browser_broker.exe -IOAVHost 2781761e-28e0-4109-99fe-b9d127c57afe|C:UsersjamesDownloadsproject_five.tar.gz|https://s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/project/project_five.tar.gz

Why is a new process being created?
Is a new process created based on the file which end with .tar.gz
When the file is uploaded to Amazon S3 Bucket, why does it transfer to my endpoint, does it usually transfer to all endpoints?

Please kindly advise and help.

thank you

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