Unable to import files in conda environment

  anaconda, anaconda3, python, windows

I have a directory that has some .dll files and .pyd files. Let’s call this folder ‘Folder_1’. The current location of this folder is in my D: drive. I want to import a file ‘package_1.pyd’ from this folder in my conda environment. Let’s call this environment ‘ENV_1’.

I went ahead and pasted the Folder_1 in ‘C:UserAnaconda3envsENV_1Libsite-packages’, and tried the statement.

from Folder_1 import package_1.

However, my PyCharm shows a red blub around the import statement and gives two options

  • ‘install package package_1’
  • ‘Rename reference’

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong and how I can use package_1.pyd in my program? I also want to add that I do not have package_1.py with me.

Also, I am new to windows so I don’t know what is a dll file and how is it significant.

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