How to calculate inputted values using a while loop c++?

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How do you use a while loop only to add multiple values with a given point when to exit the loop and display the tallied amounts.

Note the following example. Test your program by entering 7 for the number of items and the following values for the calories: 7 – 120 60 150 600 1200 300 200

If your logic is correct, the following will be displayed: Total calories eaten today = 2631

Below is what I have written, what I require is understanding the calculation for the total calories.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    int numberOfItems;
    int count = 1; //loop counter for the loop
    int caloriesForItem;
    int totalCalories;
    cout << "How many items did you eat today? ";
    cin >> numberOfItems;
    cout << "Enter the number of calories in each of the "
         << numberOfItems << " items eaten:  " << endl;

    while (count <= numberOfItems) // count cannot be more than the number of items
        cout << "Enter calorie: ";
        cin >> caloriesForItem;
        totalCalories = ; //?
    cout << "Total calories  eaten today  = " << totalCalories;

    return 0;

How do I store a value, then add on that value, repeatedly until the program reaches a point to exit as per the count value

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