assigning data from one struct pointer to another by typecasting the pointer

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I’ve recently been working on wifi sniffer using ESP8266, in order to sniff wifi packets there is a function called wifi_set_promiscuous_rx_cb(wifi_sniffer_packet_handler) it takes a callback function as a parameter and passes buffer pointer, which has the packet info and length of the packet as parameters to the callback function , wifi_sniffer_packet_handler(uint8_t *buff, uint16_t len) is the call back function. i am not understanding what these two statements are doing
const wifi_promiscuous_pkt_t *ppkt = (wifi_promiscuous_pkt_t *)buff;
const wifi_ieee80211_packet_t *ipkt = (wifi_ieee80211_packet_t *)ppkt->payload;
wifi_promiscuous_pk_t is a structure

 typedef struct{
    wifi_pkt_rx_ctrl_t rx_ctrl; /**< metadata header */
    uint8_t payload[0];       /**< Data or management payload. Length of payload is described by rx_ctrl.sig_len. Type of content determined by packet type argument of callback. */
} wifi_promiscuous_pkt_t;

and wifi_ieee80211_packet_t is another structure

typedef struct
    wifi_ieee80211_mac_hdr_t hdr;
    uint8_t payload[2]; /* network data ended with 4 bytes csum (CRC32) */
} wifi_ieee80211_packet_t;

how the data in the *buff is assigned to these structures, are the above statements responsible for the assignment
i’ve seen many stackoverflow questions and many other threads regarding this but none of the posts clarified my doubt

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