Please explain the C++ ABI

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The common explanation for not fixing some issues with C++ is that it would break the ABI and require recompilation, but on the other hand I encounter statements like this:

Honestly, this is true for pretty much all C++ non-POD types, not just exceptions. It is possible to use C++ objects across library boundaries but generally only so long as all of the code is compiled and linked using the same tools and standard libraries. This is why, for example, there are boost binaries for all of the major versions of MSVC.

(from this SO answer)

So does C++ have a stable ABI or not?

If it does, can I mix and match executables and libraries compiled with different toolsets on the same platform (for example VC++ and GCC on Windows)? And if it does not, is there any way to do that?

And more importantly, if there is no stable ABI in C++, why are people so concerned about breaking it?

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