How can I parse a binary xml file like AndroidManifest.xml in C or C++?

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I want to parse AndroidManifest.xml (without using apktool) in C or C++. To do so, I used pugixml library to parse the XML file, but it failed to parse. I tried different encoding for reading XML such as pugi::encoding_wchar , pugi::encoding_utf16, pugi::encoding_utf8 but none of them worked. I also tried with libxml, but it failed too.

This is link to download AndroidManifest.xml

#include <pugixml.hpp>
using namespace std;

int main()
    pugi::xml_document doc;
    pugi::xml_parse_result result = doc.load_file("AndroidManifest.xml");
    // Load result: No document element found
    std::cout << "Load result: " << result.description();

    if (!result)
        return -1;

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