Template parameter pack peel args in pairs

I want to create a function for an ESP2866 microcontroller that saves an arbitrary number of configurations to a config file on the filesystem. I found a way to do it and I was wondering if it could be any better.

// Saves the configuration values to the file system
template <typename... Args>
void SaveConfig(const char *name, String &value, Args &...args)
    Serial.println("Saving config...");
    StaticJsonDocument<JSON_OBJECT_SIZE(2) + 200> doc;
    SetData(doc, name, value, args...);

    File configFile = SPIFFS.open("/config.json", "w");
    if (!configFile)
        Serial.println("Failed to open config file for writing!");

    serializeJson(doc, configFile);
    serializeJson(doc, Serial);

All i would need to do is:

doc[name] = value;

for each pair of arguments in the parameter pack. My solution was that i created a new function SetData() that calls itself with the parameter pack arguments, peeling off two parameters each iteration:

template <typename... Args>
static void SetData(JsonDocument &doc, const char *name, String &value, Args &...args)
    doc[name] = value;
    SetData(doc, args...);

But this creates another problem. When the parameter pack "runs out" it wants to call SetData() with no parameters. So now I have to create an overload of this function with no parameters (except doc).

So is there a better way of doing this?

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