Edit Google MediaPipe Iris Tracking

  bazel, c++, computer-vision, eye-tracking, mediapipe

I want to make changes in the cpu_video_input Iris Tracking Solution(C++ Desktop) by MediaPipe such that:
If eye movement detected, return true else false. Can someone help me find which files to be edited. Since I develop Computer Vision related things in Python I have no idea what has to be done here since the Solution is in C++.
Currently I’m running this command and it works fine, helps in iris tracking. Please help me implement the above.
bazel-bin/mediapipe/examples/desktop/iris_tracking/iris_tracking_cpu_video_input --calculator_graph_config_file=mediapipe/graphs/iris_tracking/iris_tracking_cpu_video_input.pbtxt --input_side_packets=input_video_path=<input video path>,output_video_path=<output video path>

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