Getting "ErrorCode": "KMS_KEY_ACCESS_DENIED","ErrorId":4500 while uploading media on AWS Kinesis

I have cloned the code from and followed steps mentioned here.
I have created build successfully after resolving few errors. as mentioned here am trying to upload a recoded mp4 or mkv files

but am getting the Error
{2021-06-10 14:39:14 [140697130239744] DEBUG – postWriteCallback(): Curl post body write function for stream with handle: customStream2 and upload handle: 0 returned: {"EventType":"ERROR","FragmentTimecode":1623316156380,"FragmentNumber":"91343852333182690139761976584024119007708395368","ErrorCode":"KMS_KEY_ACCESS_DENIED","ErrorId":4500} }

Though i have full access of AWS Kinesis and S3 buckets. Please suggest if am missing any other required permission? How i can overcome this issue?
Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

I have also tried with java-producer-code and getting same issue.

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