Why does AutoAdminLogon keep getting reset to 0?

  autologin, registry, windows

I am setting up a Windows 10 system (1607 LTSB) and have everything configured except for the autologon. My goal is to sysprep the system, then capture the image, and use a script that I created to configure the device for different sites. But, I keep running into AutoLogon getting reset to zero either at shutdown or at startup. I’ve tried using netplwiz and the Autologon tool from sysinternals. No matter what I do, it will not log on. The device is not joined to a domain, so there is no GPO that is overriding the setting. I’ve searched the registry for both AutoAdminLong and DisableCad and both of those are set correctly as well, at least until I reboot. As soon as I reboot, the system fails to logon. Can someone give me a hand with this? It’s getting very annoying.


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