Conan: Handling dependent libraries in CI/CD

  artifactory, c++, conan

We have recently broken a monolithic repo up into separate repos one for the application and several others for common code identified to be libraries. Each repo generates a conan package and uploads the library to artifactory. Some of the libs are inter dependent and then our main application in another repo consumes all 10 libraries too.

Herein lies the problem.

If I make changes to lib-a which subsequently has consumers lib-b & lib-c, which then may have there own consumer lib-d, have others found means of handling this through their pipeline. I don’t necessarily want to update to the latest revision each time, but at least want to be notified that my dependent library has been updated.

I have been looking at finding examples of this but to no avail. I have seen the concept of lockfiles but dont really understand how they work and if they fit my requirement

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