Visual Studio build which employs nuget fails trying to connect to proget:81 and artifact:8081 endpoints


at work I have to build some rather outdated visual studio c-sharp project. Disclaimer: I am a visual studio and windows noob. When I launch provided batch script which wraps around msbuild.exe then quite early in the process the build fails. The reason is because nuget tries to connect to two endpoints, http://proget:81 and http://artifact:8081, and fails doing so.

NuGet.config file which is part of the repository includes entries which contain references to those two endpoints.

I would imagine that these two endpoints would be enabled by some local service programs I am not aware of. I tried to google for them but alas little is available on this that would relate to my problem. What is puzzling, according to some second hand knowledge, this c-sharp project is expected to build without installing anything that is outside of standard visual studio installer packages. Thus, I would assume that this would be a matter that maybe my visual studio installation is missing some components I am not aware of?

I tried to remove those offending entries from NuGet.config, but then the build fails because it is missing log4net 2.0.3 and Newtonsoft.Json 6.0.3.

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