Zookeeper client: How to create node with max sequence number for test?

  apache-zookeeper, c++

I tried to create manually node /root/element2147483647 to understand what will happen on the next increment of the counter.

The fact is that the queue from examples https://zookeeper.apache.org/doc/current/zookeeperTutorial.html#Queue+test does not take this into account. I rewrote it in C++ and let max counter number = 99. So I got a sequence of nodes 0, 1, ..., 97, 98, 99, -99, -98, ... , -1, 0. And in this case the sorting from example was broken.

I wrote my own, but I want to find out on this case how the program with ZOO_PERSISTENT_SEQUENTIAL flag will behave.

Code: https://github.com/fedruches/Zookeeper_C_API queue.cpp file.


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