Access individual elements of ChunkedArray by its index within column

  apache-arrow, c++

What is the best method to randomly access individual elements ("Scalars") of arrow::ChunkedArray e.g. for testing and display purposes? Is there some equivalent method to Array::GetScalar which takes into account that the ChunkedArray consists of multiple chunks?

The way I found so far is an own helper function which "searches" the appropriate chunk like this (not tested):

get_scalar(const std::shared_ptr<arrow::ChunkedArray>& chunked_array, int64_t index) {
    auto it = chunked_array->chunks().begin();
    while (index >= (*it)->length()) {
        index -= (*it)->length();
    auto result = (*it)->GetScalar(index);
    if (!result.ok()) {
        return nullptr;
    return result.MoveValueUnsafe();

But I’m wondering if there is something like this already provided or there is a better practice to do so?

Similar applies to the arrow::stl::ArrayIterator – is there an equivalent iterator for Chunked::Array?

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