Android JNI GetMethodID fails to find a method in release build

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I am calling a java method from C++ in android app. Works fine in debug but GetMethodID fails in release build.

// Java
public class MainActivity extends Activity {
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    public void showKeyboard()
        Log.i("my_app", "MainActivity::showKeyboard");

// C++
JavaVM* gJvm; // Saved in JNI_OnLoad()
jobject gMainActivity; // Saved in call Java -> C++
                       // using JNIEnv->NewGlobalRef(mainActivity)
void my_thread_func() {
    JNIEnv* jniEnv = nullptr;
    gJvm->AttachCurrentThread(&jniEnv, nullptr);;
    jclass activityClass = jniEnv->GetObjectClass(gMainActivity);
    jmethodID methodId = jniEnv->GetMethodID(activityClass, "showKeyboard", "()V");
    // Debug build: methodId is valid
    // Release build: methodId is null

showKeyboard is called from onCreate only for debug purposes. I can see the line "MainActivity::showKeyboard" in the output. Also it works as expected in debug build.

I suspect java optimization kicks in and removes the method in release. Although it’s called in onCreate, it may just get inlined. I tried to add 50+ lines of log prints hoping to discourage inlining but it didn’t change anything.

Is there a way to disable java optimization for this method? Or how else can I troubleshoot it?

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