Bitfield using 1 byte instead of 1 bit

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I am working on a networking application where I will receive 2 bytes and certain bits have specific significance. I am trying to implement that packet as a structure. The intent is to do a binary copy to object address and the fields of the packet are ready to be accessed. Here is a simple example representing my problem. When we try to inspect the size of the bitfield and structure they are not coming as expected.

#include <bitset>
struct a
        std::bitset<8> b;
        uint8_t c;

int main()

Output: 8

Expected Output: 2

Is this something specific to Bitset’s implementation?

Generally, each element occupies only one bit (which, on most systems, is eight times less than the smallest elemental type: char).
(ref- )

compiled on Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.10.2

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