Is it possible to rewrite (update) a driver for an unsupported legacy interface?

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Problem: I have an Roland Edirol UA-1000 10-Channel audio interface. It is still as good as what is out there and the last driver update for it was based upon Windows 7. It is hit/miss on Windows 10 compatibility.

What I would like to do is decrypt the driver and update it to work. I’m not sure if that is possible but this interface does much more than anything out there right now (i.e. clocking, optical, midi, coaxial, ADAT, etc.) unless you want to buy 3-4 separate pieces. The driver is just incompatible with Win10.

I have worked as a developer the past 10 years (e.g.,, Java, Javascript, VBScript, SQL, Android) so I would like to try updating the driver for this interface.

Would it be possible… any suggestions outside of "buy something new?"

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