Snowsql external browser authentication – Windows/Chrome

I’ve installed the Snowsql CLI tool (v1.2.16) and tried connecting to Snowflake using a command similar to snowsql -a <account details> -user [email protected] --authenticator externalbrowser.

For myself, and a few other colleagues, a pop up window appears which will allow us to authenticate. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for some of my other colleagues…

I’ve not found anything obvious, but the authentication browser window simply isn’t popping up for some users (Around half of us), therefore the connection is aborting after time out.

We’re all using AWS workspaces with the same version of windows, same version of chrome and the same version of Snowsql. There’s nothing I can see in the chrome settings that could be causing this.

Logging into the UI works for everyone too…

The logs don’t really give much away, the failed attempts get a Failed to check OSCP response cache file message, but I think this is because the authentication isn’t initiated with the server.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what could be causing this?


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